• Mission

    The mission of the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties is to advance the profession of physical therapy by establishing, maintaining, and promoting standards of excellence for clinical specialization, and by recognizing the advanced knowledge, skills and experience by physical therapist practitioners through specialist credentialing.

    ABPTS Vision Statement

    The American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties will create, promote, and sustain a culture in which the highest quality physical therapy is provided by therapists who attain and maintain certification in a specialty area.


    ABPTS' responsibilities include the following:

    • Development of minimum requirements for certification and recertification to be used across all specialty areas, and approval of specialty-specific requirements developed by specialty councils.
    • Approval and recommendation to the APTA House of Delegates of the formation of proposed specialty areas.
    • Approval of formation of specialty councils in areas approved by the House of Delegates.
    • Approval and overseeing specialty council activities.
    • Approval of certification and recertification of qualified candidates for specialist certification.
    • Development, implementation, and revision of policies and procedures related to specialist certification and recertification processes.


    The purposes of APTA's Clinical Specialization Program are to:

    • Assist in the identification and development of appropriate areas of specialty practice in physical therapy.
    • Promote the highest possible level of care for individuals seeking physical therapy services in each specialty area.
    • Promote development of the science and the art underlying each specialty area of practice.
    • Provide a reliable and valid method for certification and recertification of individuals who have attained an advanced level of knowledge and skill in each specialty area.
    • Assist consumers, the health care community, and others in identifying certified clinical specialists in each specialty area.
    • Serve as a resource in specialty practice for APTA, the physical therapy profession, and the health care community.
  • Last Updated: 12/4/2014
    Contact: spec-cert@apta.org