• Certified specialists report that board certification has impacted both their personal and professional lives.

    Clinical specialists were surveyed to determine the impact of specialist certification on professional practice. Survey respondents reported spending an increased amount of time in research, teaching, consultation, scholarly productivity, and professional activities after specialist certification. These individuals report that specialist certification had a positive effect on consultations (52%), invited presentations (44%), new job opportunities (43%), and the opportunity for increased responsibility (43%).

    Three-fourths of those surveyed indicated that specialist certification positively affected patient care. These certified specialists also report an increase in prestige in a clinical setting (83%), an academic setting (68%), a professional association (67%), and a community setting (44%).

    Personal rewards associated with specialist certification included an increase in self confidence (86%), sense of personal achievement (96%), and a more interesting and fulfilling career (72%)

  • Last Updated: 6/3/2013
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