• Board-certified specialists who have retired from direct patient/client care (as defined by ABPTS) may apply to ABPTS to be granted the designation “emeritus” (the only two exemptions from this stipulation are noted below in item 3). 

    1. A board-certified specialist with current certification status retiring from direct patient/client care who desires to maintain affiliation with the certification process may apply to ABPTS for authorization to include the designation “emeritus” after their specialist credential listing.
    2. Clinical specialists with two or more clinical specialties may apply for “emeritus” status only when they have retired from direct patient/client care (including any pro bono work).
    3. For the purpose of this policy, there are 2 exceptions to the requirement of full retirement from direct patient/client care: 1) a therapist who does not participate in direct patient/client care but may perform occasional demonstrations or supervision of patient/client care of less than five hours per week, qualifies for “emeritus” status; 2) a therapist who does not participate in direct patient/client care but may conduct research where patients are directly influenced or affected by their interaction, and can demonstrate an inability to meet the minimum maintenance hour requirement through this research.
    4. At the time that ABPTS grants a retired specialist permission to use the designation “emeritus,” the individual will be notified that he or she may not represent themselves as board certified if they resume direct patient/client care. Use of the specialist credentials in violation of this condition will be dealt with under Section XIV of the ABPTS Policies and Procedures (.pdf).

    Emeritus designation application (.pdf)
    Emeritus designation application and one-time $100 fee should be sent to: ABPTS, PO Box 75701, Baltimore, MD 21298.

  • Last Updated: 9/14/2019
    Contact: spec-recert@apta.org