• Maximize your PT potential and complete your application to become board certified in 1 or more of the 9 specialty areas of physical therapy listed below.

    Who are Board-Certified Clinical Specialists?

    Join a prestigious group of over 24,000 of your peers who demonstrate competency in specialized knowledge and advanced clinical proficiency. Specialization is the process by which a physical therapist builds on a broad base of professional education and practice to develop a greater depth of knowledge and skills related to a particular area of practice, exceeding that of the physical therapist at entry to the profession.

    Why become a Certified Specialist?

    • Enjoy an increased sense of personal achievement and self-confidence
    • Open doors to professional growth like new job opportunities, leadership and service.
    • Earn a credential that reflects advanced specialist practice to patients, physicians, and payers.

     Specialist Certification Video


    Initial Certification Deadlines

    October 1: Certification deadline for:

    October 31: Certification deadline for:

    Please note: The above application submission deadlines represent a three-month extension of the application  submission, eligibility, and payment deadlines due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As applications are reviewed in order of submission, potential applicants are encouraged to apply prior to the deadline to expedite the application review process. An option for an initial partial payment of the application fee will also be available (excluding reapplicants). The application extension and/or partial payment option is automatically extended to all applicants. Prior approval is not required.

    Learn more about the Minimum Eligibility Requirements and Program Fees (.pdf)

    October 1: Reapplication Deadline

    December 28: Initial Certification Exam Fee Deadline

    Scheduling Permits

    Scheduling Permits will be issued in late December.

    Test Dates

    February 27 - March 13, 2021: 2021 Exam Dates

  • Last Updated: 8/6/2020
    Contact: spec-cert@apta.org